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Luís Louro

Expressing the full potential of Portuguese grape varieties in Alentejo

Born and raised in the Alentejo, Luís developed a strong connection to the land from an early age. After completing his studies and an internship in Sonoma County, it was at the age of 23 that Luís decided to start his own project. In 2004, he became the vintner of Adega do Monte Branco.

Winery and Vineyards


Two different terroirs
In a total of 48 hectares of vineyards, the soils mark the profile of our wines. Limestone soils are deeper and more fertile, originating grapes with greater balance and freshness, combining with schist soils, poor and austere lands, source of concentration and minerality. Each has its own expression, together they complement in every wine of Adega do Monte Branco.

Adega do Monte Branco is perfectly framed by the surrounding Alentejo landscape. The main building contrasts with an old windmill, creating harmony between the past and the present. The winery was built to be both sustainable and efficient.

Grape Varieties

Iberian grape variety par excellence. It excels in hot and dry climates, in wines that combine elegance and vigor, fruit and spices.

Difficult and temperamental, it is the variety better adapted to the hot dryness of Alentejo. It gives elegance and freshness to wines.

Rooted in Alentejo, this is one of the rare pulp tinted varieties in the world. It gives structure, density, tannins... and colour, lots of colour!

The flagship grape variety of Portugal, always intense and explosive. Perfect for blends, it gives an unmistakable aromatic magnificence.

The most widely planted white grape variety in the Alentejo. Produces exciting primary aromas, full of fragrant citrus notes when young.

Versatile, present from north to south in Portugal. Produces vibrant fresh wines of good acidity and minerality, with aging potential..

Of mysterious origin, widely planted in Alentejo, it is a white grape variety that gives consistency to full-bodied wines.


Because we believe that wine is not only made of grapes, but also of people, Monte Branco’s success is the result of both work and dedication of its team. For that reason, the acknowledgment belong to everyone, making Our Wine, Your Wine.

Luís Louro
Producer and Winemaker
Inês Capão
Pedro Carrilho
Luís Borralho
Guida Correia


The white city

Alentejo region
One of the largest wine regions of Portugal, with about 3000 hours of sunshine per year, the Alentejo region has ideal conditions for the perfect ripening of the grapes. Alentejo’s winemaking tradition dates back to Roman times, around 31 B.C. Since 1980 an intense modernisation resulted in the international recognition.

Estremoz microclimate
Estremoz is known for the whiteness of its houses, the quality of the local marble stone, and its rich gastronomy, where the wines stand out. Estremoz has a more moderate climate and diverse soils, featuring calcareous and schist. These particular conditions are reflected in balanced, fresh and elegant wines.