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Luís Louro

Expressing the full potential of Portuguese grape varieties in Alentejo

To create Alentejo wines of remarkable character, able to express accurately the full potential of local grape varieties, this is the vision of the team led by Luís Louro in Monte Branco’s winery. A vision that starts with the accurate selection of grapes in the vineyard, and extends to a careful work in the cellar. To create wines able to exceed today's demanding consumers expectations.

After graduating in Agro-Industrial Engineering and an internship in Sonoma County, Luís Louro returned to Portugal to work with his father, renowned Portuguese producer of Quinta do Mouro. Fascinated by Alentejo and by Portuguese local grape varieties, Luis decided share his vision by moving forward with his project. Thus in 2004 was born Adega do Monte Branco in Estremoz.

Winery and Vineyards

A search for the perfect expression of each grape varietal in the terroir

Two different terroirs: Schist and clay
Today a total of 26 hectares (64 acres) of vineyards ensure an absolutely strict control of the whole winemaking process, from the start. Monte Branco winery focus on the Portuguese grape varietals, carefully selected by its adaptation to the terroir. Soil types have a decisive role in Monte Branco wine character. Clay soils are the basis for good production, while poor and austere schist spoils provide concentration, acidity and aroma. Each has its own expression, and both play a complementar role in Monte Branco’s wines.

Monte Branco intelligent Winery
Built in 2006, Monte Branco winery integrates in the Alentejo countryside landscape, in a prime location, facing the village and castle of Estremoz. With a producing capacity of 300,000 litres of wine per year, Monte Branco winery reflects an accurate approach on winemaking that goes well beyond its pure architectural lines. The entire winery was designed with a focus on sustainability and functionality, both through the intelligent use of technology as well as energy.

Grape Varieties

The Iberian grape variety par excellence. It transcends it in hot, dry climates, in wines that combine elegance and vigor, fruit and spices.

Difficult and temperamental, it is the variety better adapted to the hot dryness of the Alentejo. It reveals in floral aromatic and fruity wines.

Rooted in Alentejo, this is one of the rare pulp tinted varieties in the world. It gives structure, density, tannins... and color, lots of color.

The flagship grape variety of Portugal, always intense and explosive. Perfect for blends, it gives an unmistakable aromatic magnificence.

The most widely planted white grape variety in the Alentejo. Produces exciting primary aromas, full of fragrant citrus notes when young.

Versatile, popular from north to south of Portugal. Produces vibrant fresh wines of good acidity and minerality, with aging potential.

The ex-libris of Alentejo white varieties. Of mysterious origin, it is the pride and soul of wines that are aromatic, structured and full-bodied.


Because we believe that wine is not only made of grapes, but also of people, Monte Branco’s success is the result of both work and dedication of its team. For that reason, the acknowledgment belong to everyone, making Our Wine, Your Wine.

Luís Louro
Producer and Winemaker

Mentor of this project, he is the person who inspires the team to work, on the basis of a great passion common to them all: to produce quality wines from Alentejo.

Inês Capão

Alongside the producer, she is part of a duo dedicated to applying all their scientific knowledge to the art of “creating” wines capable of surprising the consumer.

Pedro Cabaço

He is the winemaker's right-hand. It’s his job to plan and to perform masterfully the different stages of the enological production process.

Sara Caldeira
Sales Manager

Manager, responsible for the strategic and sales course of the company near its national distributors, as well as with agents from the external markets.

Susana Nunes

Responsible for the administrative area, she is an essential support in the office.


Endless horizons that inspire to go afar and teach the value of clarity and accuracy

Alentejo region
One of the largest wine regions of Portugal, with about 3000 hours of sunshine per year, Alentejo plains have the ideal conditions for the perfect ripening of grapes. Alentejo’s winemaking tradition dates back to Roman times, about 31 BC. Since 1980 intensive modernization resulted in the international recognition.

Estremoz microclimate
Famous by the whiteness of its buildings, the quality of the local marble stone, and a rich cuisine featuring great wines, Estremoz has a more moderate climate and diverse soils, featuring calcareous and schist. Particular conditions that express themselves in elegantly fresh and balanced wines.